Our Uniforms

Your Two Uniforms and How to Get Them

There are two different types of uniforms in Scouts BSA that you will need. One is a dress uniform you purchase from the Scout Shop in Omaha or on-line from the national BSA web site. The other is a casual Troop 461 t-shirt with our Troop logo, which is earned upon achieving Scout rank.

Dress Uniform – Class A

This uniform is worn by all Scouts BSA members and consists of a tan uniform shirt, forest green pants and green belt. This is our most-worn uniform because we wear it to all of our meetings, community service projects and to any activity or event where girls want people to know they are members of Scouts BSA. This uniform is made of machine-washable material that works well indoors and outdoors for hiking and camping.

When you visit the Gottschalk Scout Shop at 12401 W Maple Rd. in Omaha, we recommend either of the following shirts:

  • Scouts BSA Polyester Microfiber Uniform Short Sleeve Shirt, Youth, Item: 612150, $29.99. This is a durable, lightweight polyester microfiber fabric.
  • Scouts BSA Cotton Rich Poplin Uniform Short Sleeve Shirt, Youth, Item: 62991 $20.99. This is a canvas poplin fabric.
  • Scouts BSA Girls Uniform Short Sleeve Shirt, Youth, Item: 649682, $34.99. This is a stretch poplin fabric.

If possible, get a shirt with the Council and American Flag patches already sewn on. The troop will provide the Neckerchief, the Slide, the Shoulder Loops, and the Troop Patch, as well as your Scout Book.

Casual Uniform – Class B

This is a t-shirt with a Troop 461 logo on the front. Scouts earn a free shirt once they make Scout rank. We sell these throughout the year as well, in case you would like to purchase additional t-shirts or sweatshirts. The Scoutmaster and/or Senior Patrol Leader will indicate when the Class B t-shirt should be worn – usually during service projects or casual activities.

**Uniform Closet Program: The uniform closet program is a collection of gently used uniforms that scouts have donated back to the troop. All scouts of Troop 461 are eligible for this program. We can NOT guarantee that your size will be available. To find out what sizes are available and to obtain a uniform please visit with your ScoutMaster.

When to Wear Your Uniform

Being in Scouts BSA is something to be proud of, so we wear our Class A uniforms to every Troop meeting and when traveling to and from Troop meetings. This includes your tan shirt (with the green shoulder tabs) and neckerchief. We also wear our Dress uniforms to service projects, marching in parades, touring (museums, businesses and historic places) and other activities when we are going to be seen together by other people.

We wear our casual uniform when camping during warm weather, at summer camp and other times when the Scoutmaster Staff or Senior Patrol Leader let us know.

How to Sew On Patches to your Uniform

You will earn many badges, patches and awards in our Troop. Where do you put them all and how do you do it? First, most of these awards will be cloth patches and we recommend that you sew them on you uniform. Because you can only display a limited number of patches on your uniform at any time, we suggest that you might want to sew the extra ones on a blanket or some other item you like.

Some people have tried to glue patches on, but this usually ends up looking pretty messy and the patches usually come off in the wash. So, plain old-fashioned needle and thread is the best way to go. Some people have a parent or friend with a sewing machine. Getting their help can be really great because the patches go on very straight and look neater. The Scoutmaster Staff know names of some tailors that will sew them on with machines if you want – just ask them. The Scout Shop in Omaha also offers sewing services.

So just where do you sew-on the patches? The diagram below shows where the basic patches you need are sewn-on.